What is Proofreading and Editing?

The terms proofreading and editing are used interchangeably. However, they are actually two different stages of revising a document. Both proofreading and editing require a careful reading of the matter, but the focus of the changes will be different. Different techniques are used for proofreading and editing of documents. #Proofreading #editingwork

For both proofreading and editing, you need to get some amount of distance from the document that you wish to proofread or edit. This is especially so if you have just finished writing the document, the reason being that you might skip over a lot of errors on account of familiarity with the content. It is also advisable to give the document to a third party for this purpose, as he can do the task without having any familiarity with it. You may check out Grammarholic for quality proofreading services.

In both proofreading and editing, there are changes to be made in the look of the document. This is done by making changes to the spacing, the size, color and style of the font or text. This will provide the effect of seeing an unfamiliar document which is different from the one that you have written.

More effective proofreading and editing can be done, if you split the work into blocks and work at it in separate spans of time. This improves concentration and leads to more efficient work without your interest waning.

The process of proofreading You will need to use spelling checkers, but cannot rely on them entirely. Grammar checkers are also used by some people, but they may not provide the complete solution. Proofreading must be done for different aspects of language, such as grammar, punctuation, spellings. The document must also be read slowly. Some people also believe in reading out aloud to make the errors more obvious to the brain.Find out how editing proofreading is done by the Grammarholic team at http://www.grammarholic.com/essay-editing-services.

Editing is done after preparation of the first draft. Editing is done to organize the content and see that the transition of ideas is smooth. Here, the content is checked out to see whether it is accurate and whether all aspects of the argument have been covered and all evidence provided. The relevance of the paper to the assignment given is also checked out. The paper is checked in vital aspects of introduction and conclusion. Paragraphs must be properly structured and must stick to a single idea. There should be no missing sentences. Other aspects involved in editing are clarity of thought, style and tone of the words used and proper citations.

It can be stated that both proofreading and editing are important aspects for presenting a perfect document focusing on all possible errors. The structure as well as the content is important, as the paper will be judged on both these counts.