Evidence and Research for professional practice Essay Question

You have been provided with the links to the following two research articles, referenced below, these are to be used for the NURS 1547 assessment:

Qualitative study:

Kulnik ST, Halter M, Hilton A, Baron A, Garner S Jarman H, Klaassen B & Oliver E (2019) Confidence and willingness among laypersons in the UK to act in a head injury situation: a qualitative focus group study. BMJ Open;9:e033531.1-8.

Qualitative study



Quantitative study:

Chendrasekhar A, Kuczabski B, Cohen D, Grageda M, Genovese-Scullin D, Patwari J & Harris L (2020) Delayed Sequelae Related to Mild Traumatic Brain Injury in Children. Global Pediatric Health. Sage Journals. 7, 1-5.

Qualitative study


Each article is a piece of primary research that has used a different research method. You must use these two articles for this assignment.

  • Select one element of the research methods section from the two research papers identified above.

Choose either: sampling; data collection tools or data analysis

  • Use contemporary research methods literature to appraise the selected research method within the two research articles.
  • Deduce the validity, reliability and or credibility of the chosen element
  • Discuss and debate, within the hierarchy of evidence, the position the two articles hold and their usefulness to your area of practice

Essay help structuring a mental health research essay: A Qaulitative and Quantitative study

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