Evidence Based Practice for High Quality Healthcare Essay Question

MODULE: NS5203 Evidence Based Practice for High Quality Healthcare

 Assessment Type: Written Report - Critical Review assignment: (2,000 words)

Assessment Requirements:

You must submit a report of 2000 words (+/- 10%)

Your report should critically analyse and evaluate an aspect of clinical practice and how it has impacted the quality of care provision. You will perform a literature search to identify why this service or practice was implemented, explore aspects of care affected before and after implementation and how it has contributed to the delivery of high-quality care. In your report, you must discuss which approaches and strategies existed before and explore ways to improve the existing practice or service with current evidence base.

General Guidelines for writing a Report:

Your report should include:

  • An introduction
  • A description of what you are focusing in your report
  • Critical analysis and evaluation of an aspect of clinical practice or service*
  • An appreciation of relevant and current national/international guidelines
  • Showcase an understanding of the research methodologies used
  • A critical evaluation of how care delivery is impacted
  • A range of appropriate and relevant literature to support your work
  • A comprehensive reference list adhering to UEL’s Referencing guidelines

*Please be mindful that confidentiality and anonymity is maintained. Any breach of such nature will result in a 5% penalty. Where appropriate, you may wish to use a disclaimer which stipulates that confidentiality and anonymity has been maintained. Alternatively, you may highlight in your report that, any or all identifiers have been replaced by pseudonyms.

Learning outcomes assessed:


Through this assignment, students will be assessed on:




1.  Distinguish different research methodologies relevant to nursing and healthcare practice. (DP, IC, COI)


Thinking skills


2. Analyse innovative approaches to service improvement and evaluate the impact of spread and adoption in practice. (DP, IC, CC, COI)


Subject-based practical skills


3. Conduct a literature search, demonstrating criticality of thought on a specific topic related to clinical practice.   (IC, COI)

4. Critically appraise strategies for integrating “best evidence” into clinical nursing practice. (DP, IC, COI)


Skills for life and work (general skills)


5. Illustrate how to process information accurately by application of a range of methods including digital technologies and share appropriately within interdisciplinary teams. (DP, IC, EID, SID, CID, COI)



Overall structure, organisation and presentation of the report:

  • Relevance and Evidence of Understanding (15%): include relevant content and show level of understanding required
  • Depth; Development of Argument/Analysis and Evaluation (15%): show depth of knowledge, present clearly articulated ideas with critical analysis and evaluation.
  • Evidence of Wider Reading for Supporting Arguments (20%): show evidence of reading from a range of relevant sources and their application in supporting ideas presented.
  • Critically analyse and evaluate an aspect of clinical practice (20%): show significant consideration and scrutiny of practice with an objective perspective and use of tools.
  • Appraise a range of evidence-based interventions (20%): show balanced assessment of the research evidence to support interventions applied to practice.
  • Presentation (5%): organised, logical and comprehensive, following guidelines.
  • Referencing style; Communication (including grammar, spelling, sentence and paragraph construction (5%): use of the Harvard style as required and ensuring no errors and enhanced readability.



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