Lifespan Development Essay Questions


Lifespan Development Essay Questions

This task requires you to select ONE of the three case studies: Kyrill, Draco, or Alyssandro. 

Essay Questions

Use the supplementary information provided for your selected case study to develop a vignette which summarises relevant details about the child’s life and their developmental context.

Discuss the importance of child observation to social work practice with children and families. Include in your discussion a description of the difference between participant and non-participant observation, and the strengths, limitations and suitable uses of each.

Describe at least two methods of recording child observations (anecdotal records, running records, time sampling, event sampling etc), including the strengths, limitations, and suitable uses of each.

Using the videos provided for your selected case study, evidence your use of at least two observation recording methods (anecdotal records, running records, time sampling, event sampling etc) and provide a justification for your selected methods

Apply a minimum of two developmental theories to analyse and understand the selected observations from the videos provided for your case study. For each theory used, provide an overview of its origins, a description of its key features and areas of focus, and its strengths and limitations.

Reflect on your experience of completing the observational task, including the observation and recording skills you have developed, and what learning you will take forward in your social work learning and development.

Draw on relevant and reputable source material to inform your discussion and demonstrate your understanding of relevant module content.

Communicate clearly, accurately and reliably showing a good level of detail. Use references accurately and consistently.

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