Wireless and Computer Communication Networks MSc Personal Statement

Msc Personal Statement

My first love has always been solving tricky problems and this has repeatedly driven me towards computing career choices. I am a graduate of London Southbank University with a BSc in Computer Systems and Networks. I am also a Cisco CCNA Certified Engineer. Studying for these courses enabled me to build solid programming skills, troubleshooting of medium-sized routed and switched networks, gain a good understanding of LAN, WAN, IP addressing and subnetting and enabling me to implement and verify connections to remote sites. I have a strong intrinsic motivation to improve my network systems knowledge, and I am eager to better my career prospects, opening up a greater number of job opportunities for myself in the technology industry. This is why I would enjoy the opportunity to study Wireless and Computer Communication Networks to master’s level at your university.

In addition to my theoretical understanding of the field, I have also gained significant practical knowledge and the chance to apply theory. Following graduation I worked as a Helpdesk Engineer at City Telecoms, a role which I enjoyed and in which I learnt a lot. I found I was able to apply the theory that I learned at university to my engineering role, and I benefitted a great deal from working with other engineers. I found that this practical experience enabled me to develop unusual networking skills that may not necessarily be learned through understanding theory. Additionally, I worked on placement at Live-WiFi, working to install WiFi hotspots for mobile devices in small businesses, a demanding but fun role from which I learned a great deal. I am a highly competent programmer in a number of languages including Java and C++.

More recently my career has moved away from computing and networking, and I am eager to resume in this field. I believe that having a master’s degree in the networking field will help me to refine my knowledge and make me a more valuable asset to employers. From reviewing the information about your programme, I believe it will help prepare me for challenging future roles in engineering. I am excited about the prospect of learning more about areas such as the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and network security. I am confident that not only will I perform to a high standard on your course, but also that I can share the knowledge I have gained with others, as well as learn from my peers. I am a good team worker, empathic and with finely tuned interpersonal skills, enhanced during my recent career experiences.

In my free time, I enjoy being involved in the local community where I reside. Building on my experience as a volunteer youth worker at Walworth Kids Company, I enjoyed the chance for many years of helping out at Dulwich Hamlet Junior Football Club, training the younger children (5-8 years old) and helping them to build their sporting and team working skills. Additionally, while at university I was elected as the deputy student union representative during my second year. If offered the chance to study at your university, I would also engage in community-building activities such as this, volunteering to help improve lives and advocate for people.

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In summary, I am excited about the prospect of learning and further developing my skills in computer systems and networking on your programme. I believe this will transform me from being a competent network engineer to one who excels in this field. With my practical skills and my academic capabilities, I would be a good fit for your course, adding value both during the classes and within the community too.

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