Resume Do’s and Don’ts

Tips to help you write a good resume. 

What to DO when writing a resume - What NOT to DO when writing a resume

Many people overlook the fact that the resume is essential in the process of job applications and when trying to land a job, and what is written on your resume is just as essential as how you write it and lay it out. Of course, you will need to include the relevant skills related to the job you want, but it is also important to use the right font (generally Times New Roman), size, and information. Resume writing is not complex, here are some tips to help you write a good resume. 

What to DO when writing a resume:

  • Show off your experience

Make sure you highlight your most relevant experience. Remember that each resume should be tailored to the current position you are applying for, so it is good to customise a resume for every company and job posting if required please -- even if they are highly similar. This process makes it easy for the hiring manager to find out if you are fit for the job. 

  • Optimise applicant tracking systems

Many organisations and companies have tracking systems that help them filter qualified applicants. This system will scan your resume for relevant keywords they are looking for.

  • Use data

Resumes that use bullet points and data relevant to the job makes it easier and less tedious to read, and managers love that. Make sure you incorporate data when you are explaining your duties and responsibilities of previous jobs. 

If you are not sure how to present a simple and professional CV with relevant data, you can download CV templates for various industries. Using these templates will give you a higher chance to get interviewed, and eventually land the job. 

What NOT to DO when writing a resume:

  • Don’t include confidential information

Do not include personal details about yourself or the previous employers you worked for. This can violate terms and NDAs, which can not only cost you a particular job-- but also every other job you are applying for.  

  • Do not use the job description’s exact wording

Yes, it is a plus if you have the same experience as stated on the job title. But make sure you use your own words to explain your previous job experience if it matches the potential employer's job description. Only stick with the keywords and don’t copy the exact wording.

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