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Gender Work Equality

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Gender Work Equality Essay Sample

Sociology and Social Research, Social Policy.

Learning Outcomes;

  • Explain the nature of the relationship between ‘work’ and ‘gender’, with a clear understanding of the current debates around these issues
  • Understand the nature of division of labour in modern day society, and the debates and trends in the division of labour
  • Understand the role of social norms, social and national institutions in the way work is divided between men and women
  • Identify and critically evaluate the key factors influencing the division of labour both in the labour market and within the household
  • Identify and critically evaluate the main policy developments in Britain and in Europe in the area of the work-life balance and family policies
  • Evaluate, and be aware of, the relevant social scientific literature and empirical evidence (including qualitative and quantitative evidence) in the field (in particular, major research studies of recent years)
  • Demonstrate an ability to assess the validity of explanations given for the problem of the gender inequalities prevalent in our labour market and the relevance of difference policy responses