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Hospitality Management Studies

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Hospitality Management Individual Report Sample

Hospitality Management Studies, CHTM27

Learning Outcomes;

  • Advanced knowledge of the structure and operation of the hospitality industry in a global context
  • Critical understanding of the characteristics of hospitality production and consumption
  • In-depth awareness of the range of impacts of hospitality businesses
  • The ability to critically appraise the development and management of hospitality through the use of local, national, and international case studies.

Report Question

This assessment affords you the opportunity to undertake research on a hospitality organisation of your choice, in order to analyse the efficiency and effectiveness of its operations (LO 1, 2, 3).

You are required to;

  • Critically analyse the nature, structure and core operations of a hospitality organisation.
  • Analyse the design of products and processes within the hospitality organisation.
  • Critically evaluate the impact of the hospitality operations on customer satisfaction and business success.
  • Critically appraise the development and management of the hospitality business evaluated in your report and make suitable recommendations for improvements to effectively manage the operations in hospitality industry (LO 4).