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Criminal Litigation

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Learning Outcomes;

  • Demonstration of knowledge and understanding of the relevant area
  • Analysis of complex legal, factual, business and/or management issues, as appropriate
  • Application of knowledge and understanding to the task
  • Ability to select and use appropriate information in support of the argument
  • Ability critically to evaluate information as appropriate
  • Ability to reach a clear and reasoned solution to the problem(s) raised in the task, addressing any ethical and commercial issues, as appropriate
  • Ability to communicate using a clear and logical structure and language appropriate to the task

Criminal Litigation Questions

In July 2017 Lord Justice Jackson published his review of fixed recoverable costs in civil litigation cases.

Did this report make a forceful case for fixed recoverable costs in lower value cases in England and Wales or is the criticism, particularly from Claimant law firms, justified? In preparing your report you need to address the following areas:

1. A brief summary of the historic basis and rationale for introducing fixed recoverable costs in civil litigation cases;

2. The key proposals suggested by Lord Justice Jackson and the Government response, to include, for example, the provisions in any draft legislation;

3. How these will impact on Claimant law firms;

4. Discuss whether you think the changes are justified.

5. In the case study of R v Nicholas, you are his legal representative, a paralegal at Laws R Us LLP. Write a letter to your client, Nicholas Marston. You
are writing to him to explain what will happen at the first hearing of his case when he will enter a plea of not guilty and a decision will be made about whether the trial will take place in either the Magistrates Court or the Crown Court. In particular you must advise him about whether his trial should take place in the Magistrates’ Court or the Crown court and why you are giving this advice. Nicholas must understand what the procedure is at the first hearing. 

As this is a letter to your client it is not appropriate to provide footnotes but this letter must be written in your own words contained in your bibliography placed after your answer to question 2.

Question 2

You work for a firm of solicitors, Laws R Us LLP, as a paralegal. Your firm acts for Karen
Golightly who is seeking advice about her arrest by the police.

Your supervising solicitor has taken Karen’s instructions and drafted a statement which
Karen has signed. This statement sets out Karen’s version of events in relation to what
happened before and after her arrest.

Your supervising solicitor has asked you to produce a written analysis of Karen’s
statement identifying any possible breaches of the law by the police.

Your supervising solicitor has also asked you are asked to also comment on the
behaviour of the duty lawyer, Mr Smith.