How to Start Writing a Literature Review

Once you have all of your materials sourced and ready to hand, you can consider beginning to write your literature review. An excellent method to begin with is to create an introduction. You will need all relevant documentation such as the subject that you will be reviewing, past reviews and work and a carefully created schedule of your intentions and activities.

Begin by introducing yourself if necessary, the aims and goals that you wish to achieve by the conclusion of this review and then go on to introducing the topic, person or piece of literature that you will be reviewing. This usually consists of a title or name where applicable, a date and information on the subject being reviewed.

The collecting of research is hugely important in any stage of writing, particularly when writing a literature review and it is important that you keep all of your materials in an easily accessible position while you work. You want to make sure that as much information is included and that all detailing is correctly presented.

Ensure that not only your literary materials are accessible, but that your equipment is fully functional. When writing, it is easy to lose track or lose concentration or focus on your trail of thought. A good way to avoid this is to make sure that if you are writing digitally that your computer software is functional and operating well and if you are writing with pen and paper or other means it is advised to keep all pencils sharp with replacements nearby, spare pieces of paper for notes, etc.

With the above in mind, you are ready to start writing your literature review. Your sources and references are easily accessed and you have everything that you need to hand. You can begin by deciding on a title and planning an introduction and follow your pre-planned routine from this point.