Promoting health and preventing ill health Essay Question

Essay Questions

  • Think about a health condition (e.g. stroke/diabetes/dementia or an issue that affects health (e.g. pollution/knife crime/domestic violence) that you are interested in or important to you for promoting health or preventing ill health.
  • Why is this health condition or health issue important?
  • What do you need to do to promote the health of individual or group for the condition of your interest? 
  • Identify a health condition or health issue and state a title for your summative assignment.
  • Introduce your assignment, signposting the purposes and contents of your assignment (150 words)
  • Describe background of health condition including definitions and types; 150-200 words; 2 to 3 references.
  • Explain rationale for choice of health condition including importance; 150-200 words; 2 to 3 references.
  • Discuss the epidemiology of your health condition, including risk factors, who is at risk, how it presents, prevalence or incidence in specific area; 250 words; 2 to 3 references.
  • Explain an assessment of the health condition, including assessment tools (if applicable); 200 words; 2 to 3 references.
  • Describe 1 to 3 health promotion goals that you will like to achieve, ensuring SMART objectives; 300 words; 2 to 3 references.#
  • Critically discuss interventions for your health promotion goals, including roles of the individual, relations, groups, communities, multi and inter disciplinary teams, organisations, departments, etc
  • Remember to give interventions for each health promotion goal you will like to achieve
  • 800-words; check coherence, clarity, academic integrity, synthesis, analysis, reflection; 5 to 10 references
  • Critically discuss the evaluation of your health promotion care planning, especially your interventions, including effectiveness, what works or not work, alternatives, justification, and recommendations
  • 600 words; 5 to 10 references
  • Conclusion Reinforce the key elements of your assignment do not any anything new here. Reference your conclusion 300 words
  • Design a health promotion care plan for a condition of health or a condition that affects health covering the following: title, introduction, rationale, background, epidemiology, assessment, goals, interventions, evaluation, conclusion, and references
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