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When creating a resume or CV, it needs to contain the necessary information for the job you are interested in. You don’t need to fill out unnecessary information that doesn’t have anything to do with the job. What it does need-- is a good layout, where you can read all the details clearly so it doesn’t end up in the archives, or worse, in the bin.

This particular one-page resume template features a pretty simple design which a lot of companies prefer nowadays, as opposed to those flashy resumes that are hard to read. What you get with this purchase are three (3) editable resume templates that are absolutely stunning and made to stand out. These pages come in the featured design that is tried and tested to work for most companies.

It also contains job-specific action words that can help your resume get noticed by the employer or HR team. These action words are very effective when applying for a specific job. You will also get a set of useful icons to make your CV look more professional and creative. Sometimes icons speak louder than words, and that is how icons work on a resume.

Another factor that can make your resume look enticing is the layout. Even without any text, how your resume looks adds a significant amount of likeliness that an employer will get interested in reading it.

All you will need to do when you get these templates is to input your information, such as your name, skills, job experience, and other information that can beef up your resume. Remember, that adding fluff or unnecessary information that is not relevant to the job description doesn’t do anything good. Employers like to read short and concise CVs, so make sure you download one of these templates.

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