Simple Resume, 2 Page CV Template for Job Applications

Simple Resume, 2 Page CV Template

Simple Resume, 2 Page CV Template for Job Applications

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The application process varies from job to job, but one thing is constant-- you need a good resume that will get the interest of your future employer. Larger companies receive hundreds of CVs a day, which is why you need to start strong if you ever want to get a chance to get interviewed, so make sure you prepare the best resume using this 2-page resume template.

Having a good resume does not guarantee a job, but it does increase your chances, and if you don’t like your odds with your current resume, you can choose one of our tried and tested templates to see the difference. Depending on how you fill it out and your credentials-- your chances of getting into a room with human resources and prove you are an asset to the company is significantly higher with a more interesting CV.

This resume template is filled with ideas and keywords that employers are looking for when skimming through hundreds of resumes a day. It is unfortunate, but more than half of those resumes end up in the trash. It is the reality, but there is nothing applicants can do but to go with it-- and of course, find a solution.

This template comes with a bunch of keywords and target words that employers are looking for, and it also comes with custom icons that will enable you to break down a longer resume into different readable sections.

Some jobs only require a one-page resume, depending on your credentials or their requirements, but if you have a lot of experience related to that job you are trying to land--then make sure you can choose a resume template with more than one page.

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