How can I communicate with my instructors about academic difficulties?

"Open and honest communication with instructors is key to overcoming academic challenges in nursing. Follow these steps to effectively convey your struggles and seek the guidance you need to succeed."

Communicating with instructors about academic difficulties involves clear and respectful dialogue. Here's a guide:

  1. Prepare Your Points: Before meeting, outline the specific issues you're facing. Be clear about what aspects of the course or material you find challenging.

  2. Schedule a Meeting: Request a private meeting with your instructor, either in person or virtually. Avoid discussing these matters right before or after class when they might be rushed.

  3. Be Honest and Respectful: During the meeting, be open about your struggles. Avoid placing blame; focus on your experiences and perceptions.

  4. Provide Context: If there are external factors contributing to your difficulties (like personal issues or learning disabilities), share these with your instructor to provide context.

  5. Ask for Specific Advice or Resources: Inquire about additional resources, study tips, or alternative teaching methods that could help you.

  6. Discuss Potential Solutions: Be prepared to discuss possible solutions or accommodations. This could include extended deadlines, additional practice problems, or referral to academic support services.

  7. Follow-Up: After the meeting, follow up with an email summarizing what was discussed and thanking them for their time. This provides a written record of the conversation.

  8. Implement Advice: Actively work on the advice or strategies discussed with your instructor.

Remember, most instructors appreciate when students take the initiative to address their academic challenges.

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