A Dissertation: Literature Review

A dissertation review is not as dissimilar from a standard literature review as many people believe. The main difference are the levels of information that you would provide within your review. A dissertation review is often associated with serious academic work and is therefore considered much more comprehensive than a standard literature review.

The level on input that you would provide for a dissertation review would vary depending on the specific task, but it is safe to say that you will be expected to present your research and findings in a much more academic way than you would with a standard literature review.

Your information would have to be factual and not rely on opinions or personal feelings. You would need to present a solid base of evidence for your thesis and proceed with the creation of your review with a clear beginning, middle and end, otherwise referred to as an introduction, an evaluation and exploration and then a conclusion.

Making sure to follow these guidelines and professional format will assist you to not only create a professionally academic piece of work, but would allow you the opportunity to display your knowledge, research and presentation skills to your examiner or reader. Being used primarily for educational concepts, a dissertation should remain professional and unbiased, referencing materials from a wide array of sources and making it clear that you understand the task at hand, the information that you are providing and that you are able to share this information in a precise and coherent manner.

Most dissertations are marked on the author's ability to investigate a topic, report on their findings and evaluate the results. A well written dissertation will contain a mix of personal and professional skills, with perfect spelling and grammar as well as fair use of punctuation and language.