How to Format Your Literature Review for Publishing

This is guide for formatting a literature review for publishing, Titling, heading and sub-heading are essential for a well presented literature review. Having it proofread and edited consolidates the read. 

When considering formatting your literature review for publishing, there is a standard format for all documents to📷 follow. This format allows work to be published online, via social media, across networks and as an eBook. The first and most important thing to do is to correctly title all of your work. For main titles such as the name of the work itself, you must first select and highlight the text and click 'Heading 1'. This ensures that the software recognises it as the main title. For chapters, sub headings and other important introductions to further writing within the review, you must select and highlight the sub heading and click 'Heading 2'. This ensures that the software recognises these headings as sub headings and chapter titles.

The next step is to correctly space all of your paragraphs. There are two options for this that achieve a similar result to each other and allow a varied selection for your review. The first is to select and highlight all standard text and then clicking 'Normal' in the Heading bar. This will leaves a small gap of one line between every paragraph where applicable. The second step is to select and highlight all standard text and click 'No Spacing' in the Heading bar. This will format all text with no gaps; ideal if you wish to double check your spacing and paragraph positions.

Proofreading and editing your Literature Review

The final step is to proof read, once your spelling, grammar and punctuation has been checked, you can move on to the final step. When you have completed this, you can then click 'References' in the tool bar and select 'Table of Contents'. You will have the option to manually input all of your headings for your contents page, or leave it to automatic. When complete, you can click 'OK' and a compiled list of your Titles and Sub Headers that can be clicked to take you to their location within the document.

You can upload your literature review to have an expert proofread and edit it.