How to Paragraph a Literature Review

Writing a dissertation, carrying out a literature research and presenting it in a readable format can be a stressful matter, below you will find a tip to on how to paragraph a Literature Review.

Correctly Paragraphing Your Literature Review

When paragraphing your literature review, the main point to consider is for your paragraphs to remain consistent with the one above where applicable, and below. This can be done by following an easy method of sentencing. Each paragraph should contain no more than six sentences and each sentence should contain no less than eight words.

For paragraphs that possess sentences made up of several words before a comma and then followed by several more words, there is no limit and a paragraph may be made up entirely of one sentence as long as it is appropriately punctuated with the use of commas, correct marks and a full stop to end the sentence. When paragraphing a literature review, the size of the font should be considered. For size 11 and 12 of a standard font type, you should aim to fit between 11-15 words per sentence.

Where sentences are interrupted and words are unable to be completed without moving the remainder of the word to the next line, you should place the entire word on the new line without interruption, even if this breaks paragraph regulations. This is to ensure continuity within your piece.

Correcting Paragraph Indentation within your Literature Review

When paragraphing, it is important to correctly indent each new paragraph properly. When using a keyword, you would hit the 'Enter' or 'Return' button to start a new line, and then press the 'tab' button to automatically indent to the standard spacing according to your software. When using software that does not allow for an automatic indentation, you should tap the spacebar roughly 14-15 times to gain the correct distance between the margin and your newly indented line. When writing on paper, the standard measurement for an indentation is just under one inch, or the size of the tip of your thumb.