Essay Format for a Mental Health Nursing Essay

Proposed essay format  - A structured essay based on a scenario relating to assessment and care Process.  


Your introduction should include the following:

You should clearly state the aim and purpose of the essay, this should include a brief overview of the scope of the structured essay (what you intend to do). This should be clearly structured with reference to relevant themes (or learning outcomes). You should address each point in the main body in the same order you described them in the introduction.

There is no need to rewrite the scenario, you can mention some elements if you want but no need to rewrite it.

Main body 

This section should address all module learning outcomes and make reference to indicative content where appropriate.

You are free to choose the format of your essay, however, this needs to follow an organised manner and be logical. Since the focus is on the Assessment and care process, it makes sense to discuss the assessment first before you move on to propose intervention and critically discuss the intervention.

You could if you wish follow the format presented in the summary above, however, you are free to use your creativity and interpretation, as long as you include and discuss all learning outcomes below.

  1. Explore critically and systematically apply theories, concepts and principles of mental health nursing to the delivery of effective care of people, families and carers.
  2. Examine critically and apply knowledge of collaborative assessment (including trauma assessment) to inform care planning, decision making, and goal setting with service users and carers.
  3. Appraise critically evidence-based, collaborative person-centred care plans and evaluation strategies.
  4. Appraise critically the legal, ethical and professional implications in the delivery of mental health nursing care.
  5. Reflect critically on the nursing contribution to the effective interdisciplinary team and inter-agency working.


This section should summarise the main points discussed in the main text and any final comments. You should not add any new information or reference to this section.

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