Adult Nursing - Management of Long Term Conditions Essay Question

Management of Long Term Conditions (LTC).

Essay Question and Structure

Introduction Introduce your assignment, sign post the reader to the content, outlining what the assignment is going to include, identify the service user case study that you are using for your assignment (100 words)

Learning Outcome 1 Identify the condition that the service user in the case study has. Identify the underlying pathophysiology of this condition. (300 words)

Learning Outcome 1 Discuss the impact that the long term condition has on the service user, using relevant literature to support this discussion. (400 words)

Learning Outcome 2 Focus on one area of the service users daily life that is affected by their long term condition. Identify and critically analyse relevant assessment strategies or tools that could be used to identify the service users needs in relation to this area. (400 words)

Learning Outcome 4 one area, and relate to the individual case study. (400 words)

Learning Outcome 5 Analyse to what extent the service user has been involved in the self management of their condition and how their independence has been promoted. (400 words)

Learning Outcome 3 Identify and analyse how the nurses role has impacted the experiences and care of the service user from the information provided in the case study. (400 words)

Conclusion Provide a succinct conclusion, summarising the key points made. (100 words)

Reference List Ensure you include a reference list that adheres to the University guidelines

Edith Case Study

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