Business Studies: Data Skills, Hotel Data Essay Question

Data Skills Portfolio


The two data files consist of:

  1. Hotel Data – Complaints Received. A spreadsheet that shows the number of complaints received at each hotel.
  2. Hotel Data – Customers Survey Results. A spreadsheet showing details from Customers Surveys run across the three hotels taken in November and December 2020.

You need to examine this data and then create a small data portfolio (no more than 1,000 words plus data analysis) that explains which hotel might act as an exemplar of good practice for other hotels in your business.

Using the data,- Write a briefing document as though you are addressing Kerry Spied, the Managing Director at The Best Southern Hotels and Spa that explains which hotel, if any, is your preferred choice.


You will want to think about different things that you have learned on the module.
Look back at different topics that you have covered and consider how you might apply those ideas to the data.

  • Look to identify key trends and patterns in the Data
  • Produce visual representation of the data, such as creating graphs or putting the data into different tables, to help to demonstrate your findings (you may earn additional marks for use of tables, graphs etc. but it is possible to pass the assignment without doing so)
  • Expand on provided data and produce further comparative information e.g. Compare the Complaints data with the Residents data and identify percentage variances


This assignment requires you to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of the use of data to inform and to make decision.

You are required to convert primary data, also known as ‘raw data’, into useable unit of measurement that will allow commonality for comparisons to take place.

In your script, you need to use the data to analyse and compare each of the hotels strengths and weaknesses and be able to express an opinion on areas working well and those that requires management action. Your answer should seek to identify and explain how the data has informed your conclusions. Below, you will find guidance on what is expected of you in your submission.


Task 1 – Key Trends (20 marks) Look to identify key trends and patterns in the data.

Task 2 – Visuals (15 marks) Produce visual representations of the data, such as creating graphs, charts, and tables to help demonstrate your findings.

Task 3 – Expand Data (20 marks) Expand on provided data and produce further comparative information. Using the data, analyse and discuss the findings by comparing trends and patterns from each of the hotels.

Task 4 – Best Practice (15 marks) Identify and discuss the best practices from each of the hotels and show how these practices can improve the other hotels.

Task 5 – Management (20 marks) Identify and discuss key areas requiring management actions. Explain how these key areas may impact negatively on the business.

Task 6 – Data Limitations (10 marks) Identify areas of data limitations – both in volume and collections – and state how data limitations may affect decision making.


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