Contemporary Issues on Business Management Essay Question



The dynamic nature of the global business environment requires visionary leaders who can inspire others to fulfil strategic goals. Agile, innovative leaders who are at the forefront of current thinking need to anticipate change and respond to new challenges and trends in order to maintain stability and maximise organisational effectiveness.


Completion of this assignment will address the following learning outcomes:



Critically analyse contemporary issues in the field of business, management and leadership.


Identify and critically evaluate the impact of contemporary issues on organisations.


Analyse critically the impact stakeholder views have on approaches taken by organisations.



Title: Modern Day Management and Leadership

Using the contemporary issue identified for your previous assignment you are to provide a 3,000 word report that discusses the impact the issue has on different management and leadership perspectives.  The report should also examine stakeholder views and their level of influence in the direction and strategy that the organisation takes. The audience for the report will be the external stakeholders of your chosen organisation.    Your report should cover learning outcome 1, 2, & 3. 

Module Code: 313MANSC-EL

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