Developing Nursing Knowledge in Mental Health Nursing Reflection Essay Question

Essay Question

  1. Written analysis of the episode of nursing care of the mental health patient ,patient cared for in practice (learning outcomes 1,2,3,4 - 80%)

The overall grade for the module will be an aggregation of the two assessment tasks

This assessment will be based on a patient you have looked after in one of your year 2 clinical practice placement experiences from the Episode of Care 1 or Episode of Care 2  in the Part 2 PAD depending on your stream and submission date. A signed copy of our chosen episode of care  assessment will need to be submitted as  appendix 1 with your essay and will need to include a plan of care for your chosen patient.

Confidentiality of the chosen patient, the NHs trust or Healthcare setting and any staff involved in the episode of care  must be maintained at all times. Please see the  Essential Guide  “Policy for Managing Breaches of Confidentiality in Academic Work”
During the module you have had preparation on how  to assess and plan care in a variety of clinical settings with a range of different conditions as part of the module syllabus using case scenarios. Your seminar leader will have also gone through how to make your choice of patient depending on your clinical placement experience.
Step 1: Care plan and care plan presentation (You must make sure that confidentiality of the patient and NHS trust is maintained at all times). This is addressing learning outcome 5 and links to work you have done in the module about planning care in your field of practice in different clinical settings

  • As part of your episode of care assessment you should include a summary of the patient identifying the physical, cognitive, mental, spiritual, behavioural and social care needs and a formulated plan of care that addresses two main nursing problems for the patient. Part of the episode of care requires you assess and plan care.
  • A signed copy of your chosen episode of care assessment will need to be submitted as  appendix 1 with your essay and will need to include  your plan of care for your chosen patient with the two prioritised nursing problems. Remember a care plan must have the identified nursing problems with the goal(s) and interventions
  • You will have 10minutes for the oral presentation to discuss how the care needs of the patient was assessed, planned, including rationale for  how you prioritised the two nursing problems  to address learning outcome 5 of the module. During the assessment you will be asked questions by the assessor related to the physical, cognitive, mental, spiritual, behavioural and social care needs.
  • This assessment will take place after submission of the essay and when you return to theory block following completion of placement. No notes will be allowed during the oral presentation
  • If you do not submit the signed episode of care and  a care plan for your chosen patient  with the essay the work will not be marked and you will not be able to undertake the oral presentation 
Step 2: Essay  will be addressing learning outcomes 1-4 of the module (review the learning outcomes) . It is an academic essay and will need to be written objectively using supporting evidence throughout from nursing literature, policies and clinical guidelines relevant for your field of practice and also relevant to the care of your patient. You will also need to show an ability to discuss appropriately the evidence in the essay . 
  • The content of the essay will need to analyse the role of the nurse for your field of practice. For this essay it must link to the role of the nurse in the clinical environment where assessment and planning of care for your chosen patient took place with supporting evidence from the literature to discuss the role.  
  • The essay will need to address clinical decision making in relation to the assessment and planning of care for your patient. Using supporting evidence form the literature analyse how these clinical decisions were made for the patient  to plan the care; the different types of knowledge that informed the clinical decisions such as empirical, personal, aesthetic, ethical, cultural knowledge. These must relate to the two main nursing problems in the care plan formulated and used for the patient in your episode of care.
  • The essay will then need to  analyse the nursing care focussing on the nursing interventions  using supporting literature to analyse the evidence base for the care that has been prescribed. The outcome of the interventions must also be analysed to show appreciation of how the needs of your chosen patient changed for e.g. did they improve or did they deteriorate and why utilising supporting evidence.
Learning Outcomes
On completion of this module, the successful student will be able to:
  1. Discuss the role of the mental health nurse in assessment and planning of care during illness, differentiating between the nurse's role and that of other health professionals.
  2. Explain how clinical decisions and interventions are influenced by assessment showing appreciation that needs during illness are at times uncertain and will change requiring the need to evaluate and re-assess.
  3. Compare and contrast the different types of knowledge utilised when making clinical decisions and planning care.
  4. Discuss commonly encountered physical, metal, cognitive, behavioural health conditions and the nursing interventions to manage such conditions for mental health nursing practice.
  5. Demonstrate the knowledge and skills required to plan care across the life span and in a range of clinical settings for mental health nursing practice

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