Health Promotion Essay Structure and Question

A Written Reflective Account Essay Structure

A written reflective account (2000 words) of the process (steps) used to develop the health promotion resource.

The first step is to provide a rationale for the choice of your resource and discuss the importance of the nurse in promoting health and well-being. You will need to decide on a health promotion strategy, behavioural theory and appropriate communication theory applicable to your chosen health promotion topic.

Application of evidence-based practice and research, and demonstrate your

decision-making process. Although this is a reflective essay, please avoid the use of I or first person. You also, do not need to use a reflective model.

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  1. Introduction (200 words approximately)
  2. What? Introduce the reader to the concept of health, illness and health promotion. You need to

give a rationale for the role of the nurse in health promotion.

  1. How? Outline how the essay will be structured.
  2. Why? Articulate the significance of the topic to be discussed. This should make clear the role

of the nurse in health promotion and how the nurse recognises opportunities to promote health and

prevent ill health across the lifespan. You can use references to support your work.

  1. Provide a brief discussion of the process used to develop the resource (poster)(approximately 1000 words) (LO1, 2 & 4).

In this section, briefly discuss the concept of health and wellbeing (Session 1 & 4), and outline the

principles of health promotion and the importance of health promoting activity in promoting positive health and preventing ill health across the lifespan (Session 4 & 5).

Briefly provide a rationale for your choice of resources. ( Poster)                   

Your reflection should consider how the source of the information (local, national etc.) used in

developing the health promotion activity influenced your decision making and choice of intervention

technique/ campaign (Session 2,3 & 4).

A reflective account of the process (steps) you used to develop the resource (Session 2 & 5).

Consider discussing the importance of the nurse recognising opportunities to promote health and

prevent ill health and making every contact count for patients across the lifespan (Session 1 & 5).

Clearly evaluate the involvement of all stakeholders in developing the campaign (Session 8).

Remember to append your health promotion poster to your essay (Session 6).

  1. Discuss the application of health promotion strategies to promote health and prevent ill health, making every contact count for patients across the lifespan (approximately 600 words) (LO3 & 4).

Critically reflect on why and how you have applied the appropriate health promotion strategies /

behavioural change approach and communication theories to enable your target group make

informed choices about their health and changes to their lifestyle across the lifespan (Session 2 &


Discuss how you have developed your ability to manage this process. You may need to reflect on

your role in the leading and managing the campaign process (Session 1 & 8). This is not about

who did or did not do what or conflict within the group.

  1. Conclusion (approximately 200 words).

Summarise the key learning points that have emerged from this process or any overall analysis of

learning related to the topic. You can make recommendations on what needs to be done to further

promote health.

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