Individual Reflective Essay Question for Adult Nursing

Individual Reflective Essay Question on Working With and Motivating Others

The aim of the essay is to reflect on your individual learning experiences and establish links between theoretical knowledge of leadership and motivational theories and how this is translated into your future practice.

Demonstrate your learning by providing an in-depth reflection on one of the following topics: Topics:

• Leadership and management theories and their application in a complex healthcare environment.

• Understanding team dynamics/human factors, and the use of advanced communication to maintain patient safety.

• Becoming an agent of change through innovation, quality improvement and sustainable practice in healthcare.

• Maintaining your own and others wellbeing and resilience in the workplace. You can use the module material and the formative assessment to analyse the learning you have acquired during the module and how this has developed your knowledge, skills, and attitude in being a leader and able to motivate teams and individuals.

You may also find it helpful to keep a learning diary during the module, as an informal, regular reflection. This may help you to decide which topic to cover in your reflective essay.

Figure 1. The reflective process by RMIT University

Please refer to Writing an academic reflection by RMIT University to learn more about writing a reflective assignment.

Structure of the individual reflective essay

Title page – include essay title, candidate number starting AC, year and degree for which the essay is being submitted.

Introduction – give a short overview of the content of your reflective essay. Include a rationale for your choice of topic. Link your topic to one of the activities from the module, for example, the virtual simulation activity or the TED© talk presentation or one of the video interviews on the Keats page. You will need to reference the activity. Define your terms and describe the background using core texts and wide reading. Link your description to core professional values as set out by the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC, 2018) as well as your own values and beliefs. Your introduction usually accounts for approximately 10% of your word count. You should aim to keep this to less than 150 words.

The main body of the essay – continuing with the DIEP reflective framework, Interpret and Evaluate how the activities, theories and module material have contributed to your learning. Place your evaluation into the context of current healthcare policy with reference to relevant legislation and your developing knowledge of care delivery in the NHS. Your essay should include references from scholarly articles from reputable sources that are up to date, in addition to any textbook references and Government policy. Please refer to the relevant core texts as set out weekly on the Keats page. Your reflection should account for approximately 70% of your word count. You should aim to keep this section to less than 1000 words.

Conclusion – Write a professional plan on how you will be applying this knowledge and skills into your future practice.


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