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Nursing Care: Mental Health

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What skills does a mental health nurse need in order to promote biological, psychological and social health and why is it important that they do?

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Nursing Care, Mental Health

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Module Learning Outcomes (LO)


  1.  Critically examine biopsychosocial approaches to mental health care showing knowledge of epidemiology, demography and wider determinates of health whilst demonstrating an understanding of mental illness as contested notion. 
  2. Systematically examine the role of a mental health nurse in holistically assessing, planning and implementing safe collaborative and effective care across a variety of settings. 
  3. Demonstrate a critical awareness of evidence-based communication strategies and their importance in gaining an understanding of the unique perspective of a person and how they could be cared for in a variety of settings.
  4. Evaluate the interface between risk, ethics, law and service-user perspectives to establish how quality improvements are made in mental health care and mental health promotion. 



What to include in your essay:

Please see below the guidance on what you should include in your assessment:

To answer this question at level 6 it is expected that you will need to:

  • Reference some key texts about biopsychosocial approaches
  • Reference some key texts about approaches designed to specifically provide perspectives that include social context and mental health
  • Discuss and reference relevant specific mental health nursing values and skills. Please do not forget that this essay is about nursing skills.
  • Use the Equality Act 2010 and other documents to demonstrate some ethical imperatives to consider social determinants of health (so that you can include thoughts about why it is important that MHNs work in biopsychosocial ways, part of the question)
  • Reflect upon the extent to which mental health services are biopsychosocial, with references.


It is also recommended that you

  • Do not try to fix all of nursing or all mental health services in one essay! That will lead to an essay that goes from topic to topic without a unifying theme. Use a specific focus to help you get into a good level of depth. This could be a particular intervention, such as a care-planning meeting, or focus on the work of a particular team or clinical area.
  • Use this focus to make all the issues relevant in your essay rather than discussing all the issues and then only briefly mentioning the relevance to nursing.

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