Public Health in Midwifery: Reflection Essay Guide

Identify and discuss the importance of learning outcomes from the module in relation to public health. Highlight its significance in midwifery practice.

Introduction: 250words approx

• Identify and discuss the importance of relevant learning outcomes from the module in relation to the public health/health promotion that you wish to address and why this is significant in midwifery practice.

• Explore and evaluate the value of reflection in developing your midwifery knowledge and practice

• Highlight what you intend to discuss in the assignment and why (you can come back to this at the end but if you plan your work, you should identify this at the beginning). Ensure that your chosen reflective model is identified and justified (Discuss rationale with supporting evidence especially why one model was chosen over another).

• All sections should include relevant references from credible academic sources (please review the reading list and library database).

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Body - 3500 words approx. (this will be for the whole reflective cycle you have chosen)

Regardless of the chosen reflective framework, please ensure you discuss the following within the chosen framework:

• Briefly summarise the topic for the poster and the group dynamics (which will enable you to discuss your own professional development later in the assignment for example – the impact of team work on content, development of poster, workload, communication, challenges.

• Identify your feelings at the time and why you felt that way for example – inadequacy as you missed some session or enjoyment of the task and why(therefore, in your analysis you can pick this up to explore the necessity for preparedness).

• What you learned from the experience – Evaluate the experience for example – thinking back on your ability to share information with your peers with regards to the public health/health promotion chosen topic. what worked well but what could have been improved –

• You should evaluate the influence of psychological, social, cultural, political and economic factors on the woman and her family.

• This section should include relevant references and reference to theory.

• Analysis - you should already have identified areas for further discussion from what you have reflected on so far.

• Relate your points to public health/health promotion theory (not to the poster and group work).

• Communicating effectively with women and families and why this is important as part of public health/health promotion strategy

• Demonstrate an understanding of the importance of good multi-agency working as part of public health/health promotion strategy

• Demonstrate an understanding of the impact of your chosen health promotion model that underpins your chosen topic in relation to public health/health promotion.

• This should be supported with current, academic, relevant literature.

This section should conclude with a discussion on how this activity has impacted on your learning for future practice and what you will do going forward (Be specific – this relates to a conclusion and action plan).

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Conclusion: 250 words approx.

Please ensure you bring all the points of your reflective account together- relating it to the module learning outcomes and your development as a result. You can include key references already cited from the body in your conclusion but keep this to a minimum. No new material should be introduced in your conclusion.

Include a reference list starting on a new page.

Understanding the Importance of Reflection

Reflection isn't just about looking back; it's about learning, growing, and evolving. In the realm of midwifery, it enables professionals to identify crucial learning outcomes from modules related to public health. By exploring and evaluating the value of reflection, midwives can enhance both their knowledge and practice, aligning more closely with best practices in public health.

The Pillars of Reflective Practice

  1. Identifying Feelings and Emotions: Reflecting on one's feelings during specific scenarios—be it the joy of successful teamwork or the stress of missed sessions—provides a starting point. It allows midwives...Read more


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Public health promotion is critical in midwifery practice (Soucy et al., 2023). It ensures that mothers and newborns receive best clinical outcomes (Smith et al., 2017). As such, midwives must understand the principles and practices of public health promotion. This knowledge enables midwives to work with mothers, families, and communities to improve their health and well-being (De Leo et al., 2019; McLellan et al., 2019). This reflection focuses on my experience of developing a health promotion poster for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) using the Gibbs reflective model. It will explore the importance of effective communication and collaboration. It also outlines the significance of using health promotion models in promoting midwifery practice. Additionally, it evaluates the influence of psychological, social, cultural, political, and economic factors on women and their families.

Reflection is an essential component of professional development in midwifery practice (Koshy et al., 2017). It enables midwives to examine their practice, identify areas for improvement, and take action to enhance their skills and knowledge (Sweet et al., 2019). Reflective practice also provides midwives with an opportunity to learn from their experiences (Sweet et al., 2019). It integrates new knowledge and skills into their practice and improves the quality of care they provide (Sweet et al., 2019). I have selected Gibbs’ reflective model for this evaluation.  It consists of six stages, which are description, feelings, evaluation, analysis, conclusion, and action plan (Gibbs, 1988). This model provides a... Read More

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