Key Concepts, Theories and Debates in Mental Health Nursing Essay Questions

Mental Health Exam Essay Questions

  1. Describe your understanding of Freudian Slips, relating this to Freud’s Theory of the Unconscious. Please include an example of a Freudian Slip. (10 marks)
  1. Describe the term stigma in relation to mental health and explain why you think stigma remains such a big issue.                                                                  (10 marks)
  1. List and describe Piaget’s stages of Cognitive Development.                       (10 marks)
  1. Carl Rogers discussed three conditions which he believed were essential in Person Centred Approaches. Please identify and briefly describe these three conditions, linking this to how you will work in this way in practice. (10 marks)
  1. List and describe five ways in which our understanding and/ or treatment of mental health has changed though history.                                                                                (10 marks)
  1. Identify and discuss the CHIME framework in relation to recovery.                       (10 marks)
  1. Describe your understanding of how people form attitudes.                       (10 marks)
  1. Mental health is usually a result of a combination of biological, social and psychological factors. Please discuss your understanding of the links between biological factors (which can include genes/ physical health etc..) and mental health and discuss three examples. (10 marks)
  1. Martin Heidegger claimed: “Words, like the chisel of the carver, can create what never existed before rather than simply describe what already exists.  As a man speaks, not only is the thing which he is declaring coming into existence, but also the man himself.” Describe your understanding of this statement, taking into consideration the impact of labeling.   (10 marks)
  1. A service user is being referred for Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) to help with her severe anxiety in social situations. How will you explain CBT to that service user? (10 marks)

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