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Contemporary issues in Business and Management

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Contemporary Issues in Business and Management Report Sample

Business Management.


Learning Outcomes;


  • Debate and defend personal perspectives on contemporary business management issues.
  • Identify and critically evaluate the impact of contemporary issues on organisations.
  • Critically analyse contemporary issues in the field of business, management and leadership.

Modern Day Management and Leadership Report Task

Use the contemporary issue identified for your report.

The focus on the report should be underpinned by your understanding and in-depth application of management and leadership perspectives. Your audience should be the external stakeholders of your organisational choice.

Report Scenario

Organisations require a continuous understanding of current global issues in business. These issues and events shape, change and impact all organisations regardless of size, sector, age, span and location. Your briefing paper should demonstrate an eclectic range of perspectives drawing on previous knowledge to identify contemporary issues within the increasingly global environment in which they operate. 

Report Briefing Note

Management briefing paper on a range on contemporary issues.  You are to identify a range of issues and choose one to critically analyse and evaluate the impact it has on your chosen organisation.  The briefing paper should offer both a critical and balanced approach to the issue. Your report should contain your personal, justified views on how the issue could be managed.  Your choice of organisation and issue to be debated should be agreed with your tutor.   Your audience should be the senior managers in your chosen organisation.   Your briefing paper should cover learning outcome 1, 2, & 4.