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International Business and Globalisation

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International Business and Globalisation Report Sample

Business Management.


Learning Outcomes;


Appraise the importance and impact of global trade and globalisation.

Demonstrate an in-depth awareness of contrasting international markets in the context of international business decision making.

Analyse and critically evaluate the pattern of internationalisation undertaken by international businesses.

Critically apply appropriate knowledge, theories and tools to help formulate a range of alternative solutions to practical problems in planning for different international markets.


Report Introduction

Global challenges is one of the most important issues that modern organisations are facing or will face in order to expand their business.  Free movement, growth of brands, changes in technology, population changes and labour costs are just a few of the challenges that modern organisations face in order to maintain market share.   

Task: Going Global

You are required to write a 3000 word report on the opportunities that a global operation could provide an organisation with. 

Your choice of organisation should currently only operate in the UK or in Europe.  The audience is your chosen organisations Operations Director who is keen to scope out expansion opportunities and understand the implications of such action. 

You are to agree your chosen organisation with your tutor during Tutorial.  You must not use the same organisations from the previous assignment.   In this report, you should cover learning outcomes 1, 4, 5 and 6.