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Strategic Marketing Evaluation

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Business Management.


Learning Outcomes;

  • Critical understanding of advanced marketing strategy and its significance in variety of contexts (global and local)
  • Assessment of the drivers affecting choice and implementation of marketing strategy
  • Evaluation and application of appropriate theories and models underpinning the strategic marketing process in an organisation
  • Evaluation of strategic options and planning of effective strategic marketing programmes for survival and sustenance of different organisations (public sector and private sector)
  • Analysis of strategic marketing context and critical evaluation of challenges to successful Strategic Marketing

    Strategic Marketing Evaluation Question

    By building on your understanding of strategic marketing theory and undertaking secondary research into the company, market and sector, you are required to analyse BYD’s Energy’s marketing strategy, evaluate its success and examine its strategic marketing options, planning & challenges in the future.

    To underpin your analysis of the company’s strategic marketing you must APPLY selected elements of theory covered in this module – note you must determine which are critically important to the company’s success and focus on these.

    You must:

    Apply appropriate strategic marketing theory and models to examine the sector, the market and the company using suitable academic articles and texts.

    Apply appropriate strategic marketing theory and models to evaluate the challenges facing the company in the future using suitable academic articles and texts.