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Adult Nursing Personal and Professional Development

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Personal and Professional Development Essay Sample

Adult Nursing, Health and Social Care.

Learning Outcomes;

  • Plan study time to recognise and meet your learning needs, whilst maintaining a healthy work/life balance and understanding what it is to become a resilient practitioner
  • Adopt an individual approach to learning, identifying your personal strengths and areas for academic improvement while understanding the implications of academic misconduct
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the nature of evidence and its context, demonstrating how to use online resources when searching for information from a variety of professional sources
  • Evaluate and reflect on your ability to communicate effectively with others both orally and in writing while understanding and applying the principles of confidentiality and Data protection
  • Recognises the principles of Equality and Diversity adopting a principled approach to care underpinned by The NMC Code and respecting the rights of others

Essay Questions:

A Personal and professional development portfolio - giving at least 3 examples of reflection where learning has been demonstrated with higher education.

Reflective account on your experience in practice as a nursing student and future health practitioner.