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Health and Social Care Healthcare Environment

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Healthcare Environment Essay Sample

Health and Social Care

Learning Outcomes;

  • Use the introduction to describe your role as a manager
  • Explain the potential impact of any structural change on the culture of the organisation
  • Explain your ideas for change
  • Recommend ways to implement this change


You are a Health Care Manager and your job is to secure new funding. You must produce a report to present your ideas on how to change the organisation you work for to meet the funding criteria.

Choose one option from the list of four below

You currently work for a small organisation that has a hierarchical structure the organisation currently provides support and advice for people who have multiple sclerosis.

The only types of organisation that the CCG will fund are:

1. Social enterprises

2. Small organisation who identify appropriate organisations to partner with

3. Organisations that integrate health and social care

4. Organisations that devise strategies to better listen and involve service users In your report: You will research how you could bring about change to the organisation to secure funding from the CCG. You must use evidence to justify your ideas.