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Public Health Pollution Case Study

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Pollution Case Study Essay Sample

Public Health, Msc Enviroment and Health, Pollution & Health Protection.

Learning Outcomes;

  • Critically evaluate the sources of pollution in the 3 environmental compartments and their effects on human health and the environment.
  • Determine the processes necessary to manage and control pollution and waste and their place in wider strategic planned interventions.
  • Justify the most appropriate course of action to ameliorate the effects of various types of pollution.

Essay Sample

Essay in the form of a report to your chosen stakeholder setting out the implications of the proposal to developing housing on the existing brownfield site.

Your assessment of the site and report needs to evaluate the levels of contaminant on the site against appropriate standards, the health implications for any proposed residents. A recommendation should also be made as to whether the development should go should go ahead

Learning materials;

  • Hester, R. E., Harrison, R. M. (2006), Chemicals in the environment: assessing and managing risk - Royal Society of Chemistry.
  • Alley, E. Roberts (2007) Water quality control handbook
  • Horan, N.J. (1993), Biological Wastewater Treatment Systems; John Wiley & Sons Bitton G. (2005). Wastewater Microbiology. 3rd edition. Wiley-Liss 4th edition. Bitton, G. (2011). Wastewater microbiology. 4rd ed. Wiley-Blackwell. Bitton, G. (2014) Microbiology of Drinking Water Production and Distribution. Wiley and Sons
  • Feachem, R.G., Bradley, D.J., Garelick H and Mara, D.D. (1983). Sanitation and disease: health aspects of excreta and wastewater management. John Wiley & Sons.