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Health and Social Care Leadership and Change Management

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Leadership and Change Management Essay Sample

Health and Social Care, Leadership and Change.

Learning Outcomes;

  • Critically evaluate leadership theories and assess their utility in the management of change.
  • Evaluate potential barriers to organisational change and the effective management of the process


You are managers working in a medium sized SME providing a bespoke and very personalised service.

To date your organisation has had a very ‘loose’ structure, with many of the team fulfilling several roles. As it is becoming more successful and as part of the future growth strategy there is planned expansion involving employment of specialist teams in the Marketing, IT and Operations departments.

Your CEO is concerned, as she understands that approximately 70% of change initiatives of this kind do not fulfil their original objectives.


Your team have been asked by the CEO to provide her with a BRIEFING NOTE to advise her on the challenges and the best course of action to achieve a successful outcome for the expansion.

You need to complete the following tasks and present your responses to them in written form using a Briefing Note format of 1000 words:

  • Using an appropriate academic model identify the various stakeholders and influence within the organisations, and their potential reactions to the planned change.
  • Critically analyse how organisational leadership approaches may need to change and evolve through the ‘lifecycle’ of the organisation.
  •  Critically evaluate how the culture of the organisation may be influenced by the leadership approach
  • Critically analyse how the management might use a range of communication strategies to effectively support delivery of the proposed expansion

You should include images / tables in your document, or you may integrate your powerpoint slides. These are not included in the word count.


Module Handbook

MOD004062 - Leadership and Change 

CB9122 - Leadership and Change Management