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Nursing Art and Science

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Nursing Art and Science Plagiarism-Free Essay

Adult Nursing, Nursing Practice

Learning Outcomes;

  • An understanding of health inequalities & why they occur

  • Knowledge of examples which demonstrate inequalities in healthcare

  • An understanding of national policy in relation to health inequalities

  • Knowledge of examples which demonstrate how organisations or communities have tackled health inequality.

Nursing Art and Science - Overview of Planned Essay

Identifying a determinant of Health

Framework Utilised/Rationale

Key determinants associated with the field specific case study

Selecting the determinant

Overview and detail of rationale and precise relationship to this case study

For the individual described give a summary of key evidence/policy/best practice recommendations that relate to this determinant of health in terms of their individual context

Summary of key evidence/policy/best practice that relates more broadly-to the wider socio-political, economic factors that might be having a wider impact on this individual.