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Project Management and Risk, Project Plan

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Public Health Report Sample

Learning Outcomes;

  • Critically evaluate different approaches to the management of projects, key dimensions of contractual risks and risk management strategies
  • Distinguish between types of projects and the responsibilities of those involved
  • Identify, apply and critically evaluate legal and non-legal solutions to minimise risk
  • Apply principles of leading and managing project teams to solve complex problems

Project Plan


The Health Foundation, 2020. Improving pressure damage detection in the community using continuous pressure monitoring. [Online]. Available at: improvement-projects/improving-pressure-damage-detection-in-the-community-usingcontinuous-pressure (Accessed: 22.01.20).

Using a scenario, prepare a project plan which addresses the following:


Task 1: Critically discuss the rationale and project scope and analyse the project life cycle and methodologies best suited to the project. Discuss the different types of risks (including contractual risks) that may potentially derail the project scope. Recommend risk management strategies to mitigate them.

Task 2: Using a Mendelow matrix, map the relative/power interest of key stakeholders in your project, discuss, in detail, the role and responsibilities of at least 3 of the key stakeholders identified. Are there any comparisons to draw with projects of a similar nature in the local authority, England or beyond?

(N/B: ensure your Mendelow matrix is added as part of your work and not as an appendix) 

Task 3: Evaluate the legal and non-legal solutions you will put in place to minimise risks in the project.

Task 4: Critically discuss how team development theories such as Tuckman and McClelland could be used to support the team deliver on the project’s goal.