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Public Health in Action Report

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Public Health in Action Report Sample

Law, Professional Practice Research Report

Learning Outcomes;


  • Demonstration of knowledge and understanding of the relevant area
  • Analysis of complex legal, factual, business and/or management issues, as appropriate
  • Application of knowledge and understanding to the task
  • Ability to select and use appropriate information in support of the argument
  • Ability critically to evaluate information as appropriate
  • Ability to reach a clear and reasoned solution to the problem(s) raised in the task, addressing any ethical and commercial issues, as appropriate
  • Ability to communicate using a clear and logical structure and language appropriate to the task

Mergers and Acquisitions Report Question

In the context of the share purchase acquisition of private limited companies, to what extent do you consider that the current approach to due diligence, disclosure and contractual protections in England and Wales achieves the correct balance between “caveat emptor”, protection of the seller’s commercial information and protection for the buyer.

In preparing your report you need to address the following areas:

1. An outline of the current approach within England and Wales.

2. Current trends affecting the extent of due diligence and the protection available to the buyer.

3. The advantages and disadvantages for the seller and buyer of the current approach compared to the approach in civil law countries.

4. Formulate reasoned proposals for how the approach within England and Wales might be changed and what those changes might achieve.