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Commercial Law Title

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Commercial Law Report Sample


Learning Outcomes;

  • Demonstration of knowledge and understanding of the relevant area
  • Analysis of complex legal, factual, business and/or management issues, as appropriate
  • Application of knowledge and understanding to the task
  • Ability to select and use appropriate information in support of the argument
  • Ability critically to evaluate information as appropriate
  • Ability to reach a clear and reasoned solution to the problem(s) raised in the task, addressing any ethical and commercial issues, as appropriate
  • Ability to communicate using a clear and logical structure and language appropriate to the task.

Commercial Law Report Question

To what extent does the current legislation adequately protect small businesses when they purchase goods and services from larger multi-national businesses? Your answer should focus on either the relevant terms implied by statute or on the legislation that deals with the exclusion of liability. Formulate reasoned proposals for how, in your view, the system could be improved.

In preparing your report you need to address the following areas in relation to either the relevant terms implied by statute or the legislation that deals with the exclusion of liability:

1. The historic basis and rationale for legislation on sales of goods and services to business customers.

2. The current rules governing purchases made by business customers.

3. A review of the literature to assess the pros and cons of the current system and proposals for reform.

4. Your proposals including the rationale and how they compare to other jurisdictions.

5. What those proposals would achieve by reference to striking a balance between competing considerations.