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Criminal Law and Practice

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Criminal Law Report Sample

Law, Law and Practice.

Learning Outcomes;

  1. Examine the main underlying features of the criminal justice system in England and Wales and the rules relating to public funding of advice and representation in criminal matters;
  2. Critically evaluate all the stages, and applicable law, of a criminal prosecution in the courts in England and Wales;
  3. Apply the Criminal Procedure Rules to a complex factual scenario including the special rules relating to juveniles;
  4. Critically analyse issues of professional conduct and the importance of client care;
  5. Evaluate critically the merits of a client’s legal position in relation to how to plead to a criminal charge and choice of trial venue and appealing against a conviction and/or sentence;
  6. Synthesise rules on law and procedure to present coherent and persuasive oral and written submissions to a court or tribunal.

Task: Bail application and advice

Task: Proof of Evidence and Memo


The English legal system