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Engagement in Recovery for Mental Health Nursing

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Engagement in Recovery for Mental Health Nursing Essay Sample

Mental Health Nursing, Health and Social Work

Learning Outcomes;

  • Examine interpersonal competence in the provision of individualised recovery-focused mental health nursing care.
  • Explore the therapeutic value of skilful and helpful interpersonal and communication skills using a variety of approaches and interventions.
  • Discuss service user and carer perspectives within the therapeutic relationship.
  • Explore the concept of positive mental health and its impact on the individual's recovery.
  • Demonstrate interpersonal values and skills necessary to promote recovery-oriented mental health nursing practice thereby demonstrating the ability to support service user self-management.
  • Anticipate and manage barriers in relation to therapeutic interpersonal communication, including issues of cultural competence, whilst addressing ethical issues.
  • Develop specific evidence-based skills required for skilful mental health nursing interventions, including medicines management skills and skills needed when supporting people with coexisting physical health problems.
  • Reflect upon their own values, attitudes and experiences and consider how these influence the therapeutic relationship and, where necessary, adopt measures intended to shape own values and attitudes so that they are congruent with contemporary recovery-focused mental health nursing care.