Evidence-based Practice Research Paper

Adult Nursing - Evidence-Based Practice Research Paper

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Adult Nursing Systematic Review Sample Research Paper 

A journal style paper outlining your chosen area of evidence-based practice. 

The Paper Title


How can Nurses improve the experience of Intentional Rounds Practice in Hospital Wards in the UK? Implementing Evidence in Practice

    Using PICO/PEO to define your question clearly

    PICO framework: P-Patients in Hospital; I- Intentional Rounds; C-No Comparison; and O-Prevention of Falls.

      Search strategy

      Table 1: search strategy


      Search terms



      Intentional Rounding or hourly rounding or purposeful rounding



      experience or patient or patient relation



      3 articles

      2 included

      Kirk and Kane (2016)  Mennim and Moen (2018)

      MEDLINE via PubMed

      Intentional Rounding AND Hospital Wards AND United Kingdom

      7 articles

      4 articles included

      Sims et al. (2018); Morgan et al. (2017); Appleby (2019); and Harris et al. (2019)




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