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Comprehensive CV Makeover - Fix My CV Service

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Why should I fix my CV?

A good CV is your chance to expand on information from your past academic or employment experiences, to share new facts that increase your marketability. We have been fortunate enough to build a quality network of CV writers that specialise in various industries to provide the highest quality CV and cover letter services available.

We make certain that your CV is constructed in the most suitable method for your content. We examine your layout to make sure that it contains the relevant information, in the right order; for example the addressing font, style, spacing, and prose.

Strike That Job Interview

Get noticed with an amazing C.V. and Cover Letter that highlights your most prominent skills. Before an employer talks to you, it’s your CV that makes the first impression. We understand how important a good CV is which is why we personally work with every candidate to understand their strengths, motives and improve their CV and Cover Letter accordingly.

The Grammarholic Bespoke C.V.

  • We specialise in creating both a creative CV and a standard CV based on your job requirement and skill set.
  • We take our time to heed your inputs and revise your CV and LinkedIn profile.
  • We put you ahead of everyone else with an amazing CV that is up to the point, impressive and brief or descriptive as you would prefer.

Taking CV Writing to a More Personalized Level

Captures the attention of potential employers; complying with industry standards and ensuring the LinkedIn profile is meticulously edited, to highlight the skills that you have nurtured through the years with hard work and dedication.

What will you get?

We will suggest a profile for you, focusing the reader's mind on your unique selling points from the opening of your CV. We'll then ensure that your 'selling points' are reinforced through the rest of your CV, thus making sure that every word works for you! We identify areas that could benefit from examples of your achievements. If your CV has been produced for a specific job advert, we will tailor your skills and achievements to meet its requirements.