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Introduction to Health and Social Policy

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Health and Social Policy Essay Sample

Introduction to Health and Social Policy, Health, and Social Care.

Health and Social Care Model Questions


  • Outlining the Neo-Liberal and Socialist approaches to health and social policy and the advantages and disadvantages of both approaches.
  • Outline what is meant by “selectivity” and “univeralism” in provision of welfare in the UK then discuss which one you think is the most appropriate means of provision.

Essay Guide

1. Compare and contrast absolute and relative definitions of poverty, stating the impact of their use on designing health and social policy. (200 words)

2. In what way did changes to social housing in the 1980s change the post-war approach to housing and what are the implications of those changes today? (200 words)

3. What are the key challenges currently faced by the National Health Service (NHS) in providing healthcare free at the point of need? (200 words)

4. What impact has “austerity” had on current UK health and social policy and on responses to its consequences? (200 words) 5. What is meant by the term “social policy”, paying particular focus to what its aims and outcomes should be?