Essay Questions

  • Exploring and Promoting Health and Welbeing Essay Question


    There are 2 sections to the report:
    1. Undertake a virtual research tour of your local health, social services, and health services to identify one key public health concern. Discuss what the data suggests about public health needs and implications for healthcare locally. Compare this to national and worldwide statistics.  Identify key inequalities and barriers within this area that may impact on healthcare.
    2. With focus on the public health concern that you have identified discuss and highlight the health services, charities, screening and role of the nurse in this area
  • Executive-MBA Accounting & Finance Essay Questions

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  • Executive-MBA Leadership & Governance Essay Questions

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  • Principles and Practices of Marketing Essay Question

    Essay Question for Principles and Practices of Marketing for module code MOD003507.

    Module Descriptor:

    To understand thoroughly the process of Marketing and how it fits into an organization's overall management and planning process. The emphasis will be on the role that marketing can play in implementing and controlling the marketing planning process at both a domestic and international level. Alternative approaches in the use of the marketing mix will be discussed, analysed and evaluated looking at both the short and long-term organisation and market demands.