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  • Searching the literature - Skills to manage pain in patients with dementia

    Effectiveness of nurses’ skills to manage pain in patients with dementia 1.0 Introduction The ageing revolution, where there has been a growth in t...
  • Leading and Managing Nursing Care Reflective Essay Sample for Adult Nursing

    Reflective Portfolio based on three reflective narratives of 1500 each related to practice; The issue of professional values like emotional intelli...
  • Executive-MBA Business Planning Sample and Answers

    Please explain Business Planning  Business planning can be explained as the processes undertaken to understand the situation the business is in, th...
  • Health Promotion Reflective Essay Sample

    Health Promotion Reflection and Rationale for the creation of a Poster Introduction According to the World Health Organisation (WHO) definition of...
  • Adult Nursing - Management of Long Term Conditions Essay Sample

    MANAGEMENT OF LONG-TERM CONDITIONS   CASE STUDY OF EDITH WITH HEART FAILURE  Introduction In this essay, the focus is on a patient living with a l...
  • Adult Nursing - A Mental Health Issue Sample Research Paper

    What is the effectiveness of antidepressants in the management of depression and anxiety among adults in the UK?  Abstract The essay aimed to exa...
  • Wireless and Computer Communication Networks MSc Personal Statement

    Msc Personal Statement My first love has always been solving tricky problems and this has repeatedly driven me towards computing career choices. I ...
  • Health and Social Care - Comparative healthcare for factors contributing to the Health and Social Inequalities

    Critical analysis of the factors contributing to the health  and social Inequalities in Black Ethnic Minorities Research Aims: To ...
  • Graphical Representation of a Breast Cancer Services User’s Care Journey and Supporting Essay Sample

    Graphical Representation of a Breast Cancer Services User’s Care Journey and Supporting Essay Word Count: 1,598 1.0 Introduction Figure 1 below cov...
  • Examples of Systematic Review for an Adult nursing research paper

    This nursing research paper focuses on the use of high-flow nasal cannulation (HFNC) in adult patients with acute respiratory problems and evaluates its efficacy compared to other methods of oxygen delivery. The research process includes formulating a research question using the PICO framework, conducting a search strategy to find relevant research papers, and critically appraising the chosen papers using the critical appraisal skills programme tool (CASP, 2013).


    Table of Contents:

    1. Introduction
      • Importance of Nursing Research
      • Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing
    2. Development of Research Question
      • PICO Framework
    3. Search Strategy
      • Databases Used
      • Boolean Operators
      • Inclusion and Exclusion Criteria
    4. Appraisal of Research Evidence
      • Critical Appraisal Skills Programme (CASP)
    5. Synthesis of Research Findings
      • Evaluation and Recommendations for Best Practice
    6. Barriers to Implementation
      • Challenges and Solutions
    7. Conclusion
  • Adult Nursing Systematic Review Sample Research Paper

    This paper explores ways for nurses to enhance the experience of Intentional Rounds Practice in hospital wards in the UK, focusing on research methodology, a search strategy, quality appraisal, and the summary and synthesis of the papers.
  • Adult Nursing - A Transition Essay Sample

    This transition essay critically evaluates the professional practice of becoming a registered nurse, addressing personal learning needs, prioritisation, and leadership theories. The essay also discusses the political and professional influences on healthcare delivery and nursing practice, as well as reflecting on the author's placement experiences. The paper emphasizes the importance of competent knowledge and skills in prioritisation, clinical judgement, and decision-making for newly qualified nurses, and the need for adequate support during the transition to registered nursing.