Essay Samples

  • Civic Engagement Essay Sample: Academic Reflective Blog

    This Civic engagement essay is an academic reflective blog and an essential component of a healthy community and individual growth. This essay sheds light on a nursing student volunteer experiences at a local church, motivations for civic participation, and how these learnings translate into valuable skills for future nursing practice.
  • Critiquing Qualitative Research: Analysing Black Students' Experiences of Racism at UK Universities

    Delve into a critical appraisal of the qualitative research paper by Osbourne, L., Barnett, J., and Blackwood, L., exploring Black students' experiences of racism at a UK university. Learn how to use critiquing frameworks and understand the research's relevance to clinical practice in Adult Nursing.
  • Mental Health: Nursing Care Essay Sample

    This comprehensive essay examines the skills required for mental health nurses to effectively promote biological, psychological, and social health. The essay explores various aspects of mental health nursing, including biopsychosocial approaches, holistic assessment, and the importance of communication and ethical considerations.

    Table of Contents:

    1. Introduction 1.1. Background and Importance of Mental Health Nursing

    2. Biopsychosocial Approaches in Mental Health Nursing 2.1. Understanding Mental Health and Mental Illness 2.2. Biological, Psychological, and Social Factors in Mental Health 2.3. Application of Biopsychosocial Approaches in Practice

    3. Holistic Assessment, Planning, and Implementation 3.1. The Role of Mental Health Nurses 3.2. Collaborative and Patient-Centered Care 3.3. Ensuring Safety and Efficacy in Mental Health Care

    4. Evidence-Based Communication Strategies 4.1. Importance of Communication in Mental Health Nursing 4.2. Building Therapeutic Relationships 4.3. Cultural Competence and Sensitivity

    5. Risk, Ethics, Law, and Service-User Perspectives 5.1. Risk Assessment and Management 5.2. Ethical Considerations in Mental Health Nursing 5.3. Legal Frameworks and Compliance 5.4. Incorporating Service-User Perspectives in Care

    6. Conclusion 6.1. The Importance of Skills and Competencies in Mental Health Nursing 6.2. The Need for Ongoing Professional Development and Lifelong Learning

    7. References

  • Overweight and Obesity Among Nursing Professionals: Prevalence and Reasons for Poor Eating Habits

    This mixed-methods research study provides a detailed analysis of the prevalence of poor eating habits, obesity, and type 2 diabetes among nursing professionals, as well as the reasons behind these health problems. The study's findings suggest the need for interventions aimed at promoting healthy lifestyles among nursing professionals, and provide insights into the role of healthcare organizations in promoting healthy eating habits and physical activity.
  • Managing Acute Pain in Hospital Settings: Essay Sample

    This essay sample explores the module on Introduction to Evidence-Based Practice and provides an in-depth analysis of how acute pain can be effectively managed for adult medical patients in hospitals. The essay discusses the use of evidence-based practices to identify, assess, and treat acute pain in hospital settings, and provides practical recommendations for healthcare professionals to manage pain effectively.
  • Person-centred Gerontological Care In Context Essay Sample

      INTRODUCTION People are social beings who desire long-lasting and fulfilling relationships (Savage et al., 2021). Individual's connection with ot...
  • Leading and Managing Nursing Care Reflective Essay Sample for Adult Nursing

    Reflective Portfolio based on three reflective narratives of 1500 each related to practice; The issue of professional values like emotional intelli...
  • Adult Nursing - A Mental Health Issue Sample Research Paper

    What is the effectiveness of antidepressants in the management of depression and anxiety among adults in the UK?  Abstract The essay aimed to exa...
  • Graphical Representation of a Breast Cancer Services User’s Care Journey and Supporting Essay Sample

    Graphical Representation of a Breast Cancer Services User’s Care Journey and Supporting Essay Word Count: 1,598 1.0 Introduction Figure 1 below cov...
  • Examples of Systematic Review for an Adult nursing research paper

    This nursing research paper focuses on the use of high-flow nasal cannulation (HFNC) in adult patients with acute respiratory problems and evaluates its efficacy compared to other methods of oxygen delivery. The research process includes formulating a research question using the PICO framework, conducting a search strategy to find relevant research papers, and critically appraising the chosen papers using the critical appraisal skills programme tool (CASP, 2013).


    Table of Contents:

    1. Introduction
      • Importance of Nursing Research
      • Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing
    2. Development of Research Question
      • PICO Framework
    3. Search Strategy
      • Databases Used
      • Boolean Operators
      • Inclusion and Exclusion Criteria
    4. Appraisal of Research Evidence
      • Critical Appraisal Skills Programme (CASP)
    5. Synthesis of Research Findings
      • Evaluation and Recommendations for Best Practice
    6. Barriers to Implementation
      • Challenges and Solutions
    7. Conclusion
  • Adult Nursing Systematic Review Sample Research Paper

    This paper explores ways for nurses to enhance the experience of Intentional Rounds Practice in hospital wards in the UK, focusing on research methodology, a search strategy, quality appraisal, and the summary and synthesis of the papers.
  • Key Concepts, Theories and Debates in Mental Health Nursing Essay Sample

    Mental Health Exam Essay Sample Describe your understanding of Freudian Slips, relating this to Freud’s Theory of the Unconscious. Please include ...